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What can Profound Solutions do for you?

Profound Solutions, Inc. has dynamically advanced in areas of client server technologies. By being pro-active in recruiting, training, and developing expertise in new areas, we are strategically positioned to have stronger resources to serve our clients. With our diverse group of employees, we have an in-depth knowledge of multiple platforms and languages. Some of the services we can provide for your company are:

Project management

Systems architecture

Emerging technologies

Analysis and design at a business and technical level, using traditional and Object Oriented techniques

Requirements definition

Full life-cycle development methodologies and processes

Software testing

Applications development using just about every technology and language available

Graphic Design


Documentation/Technical Writing



A little goes a long way!

We are 100% dedicated to providing a strong work ethic with a commitment to customer service.

By working together through pro-active planning, Profound can help 'reserve' the best consultants for your project needs. We take pride in our employees, and will stand by our commitment to our business partners to ensure the best possible service.  We'll put our reputation on the line with every opportunity.

Our workmanship can provide references in high profile software solutions. You can talk to clients utilizing the services of Profound Solutions to testify on the accomplishments and levels of commitments given to their projects.

Contact Profound Solutions, Inc. today to find out more about what we can do for YOUR project needs.